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Welcome to the free QR code generator which allows you to easily create free QR codes for website Links, Text, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Paypal, BitCoin and more. To get started choose the service you would like to create the QR code for and complete the form included at this website. If you have any questions about the service we offer contact us




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Create Free QR Codes In 3 Simple Steps

1: Choose A Service

Select from one of the services we offer including website Links, Text message, GEO location, Email, mobile phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Skpe, Zoom, Paypal, BitCoin, V-card, WIFI and events.

2: Customize The QR Code

After you have selected the service you need to complete the online form and customize the design . We offer a number of options which will allow you to easily customize the design. The customization options include changing the colors and replacing the standard shapes of your QR code. You can also change the corner elements and the body plus you can also add a frame and upload your own logo to make the design unqiue to suit your specific needs and requirements.

3: Generate the QR Code

Once you have selected the service and customized the design the next stage is to the generate the QR code. Select the save button to create the QR code you have designed in a PNG, SVG or PDF format which you can share via a website link, text, WhatsApp, email or social media

Freqently Asked Questions

What Is A QR Code

A QR Code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode, which is made up of black and white pixel patterns. The QR Code was developed by DENSO WAVE in 1994, and was most widely used in Japan for marking components as part of the logistics processes for their automobile production. The QR code is now widely used for a wide range of marketing and advertising purposes by people and companies around the world.

How Do I Scan A QR Code

The most common tool you can use to scan your QR code is a smartphone, but you can also use a tablet or computer camera too. A classic barcode scanner will also work. Point the camera of your device of choice at the QR code and focus the frame on the code. Once it’s focused, it will immediately start scanning and a notification should appear on the screen, asking permission to open the URL link embedded in the QR code

What Are Static QR Codes

Static QR Codes encode the content directly in the image itself. You can think of them like regular printed text, just represented in different way. That means you cannot update the content once generated. Because the content is directly encoded in the image, they also grow in size with the amount of content they store.

What Are Dynamic QR Codes

The content of a Static QR Code cannot be changed once generated. What is referred to as a Dynamic QR Code, is a QR Code pointing to a static URL that hosts the actual content (e.g. the real URL). The hosted content can be changed after the QR Code has been printed.

Why Are QR Codes So Popular

QR Codes have become more and more popular because you can use them to gather feedback to improve the products or services you offer. You can also increase customer engagement with images or videos, or even promote your business via events and coupons using the QR code. The real benefit of using a QR code is that they are widely accepted by the customers around the world and can capture so much information with a single scan of the code using a smart phone device.

What Service Can I Generate a QR Code For

You can generate a QR code for website Links, Text message, GEO location, Email, mobile phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Skpe, Zoom, Paypal, BitCoin, V-card, WIFI and event. We hope add more services to the website over the next few months.

Is The QR Codes Generator Free

The QR codes generator we offer at the website is 100% free and will remain free to use.

Is there a scan limit for the QR codes I Create

There is no limit and the created QR code will work forever. Scan it is many times as you wish!

Do You Store My QR Data

We do not store or save the QR codes you create at this website. Once you have created a custom design and save it a format of your choosing the data is removed from this website

Will the QR code expire

The QR codes you create at this website will never expire. Once you have created it at the website you can use it forever and for as many times as you like

Are the QR Codes generated on this website restricted to personal use

There are no restrictions. You can use these QR Code images you generate at this website for personal and commercial use.

What kind Of Information Can Be Stored in A QR Code

QR codes store binary data. Therefore, possibly all kinds of information can be stored in a QR code. However, the storage capacity of a QR codes is limited to a maximum of 3 kB (using an 8 bit encoding) which naturally limits the possibility to directly store images and sounds. A link to a website which provides the multimedia content normally is the more sensible way to show image galleries or music via QR code. The code can store and used for a wide range of purposes included website Links, Text message, GEO location, Email, mobile phone, SMS, WhatsApp, Skpe, Zoom, Paypal, BitCoin, V-card and more.

What is the difference between a PNG and SVG file

A SVG file is a vector type file that can be used in programs as Illustrator or InDesign. For Photoshop you need to import your SVG file. A SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality. A PNG is a format to use online but can also be printed although a PNG has less quality than a SVG.

Does The QR Need To be Black & White

You are not limited to a black and white the design we offer the option for you to easily customize, change the colours of the QR design before saving, publishing it at the website. Please note it is important to have a good contrast between the light and dark modules / pixels. Furthermore, a colorized QR code should be no negative (in terms of color, the actually black pixels / modules have to be darker than the normally white pixels) as the dark modules / pixels contain the data and a negative will confuse many QR code readers

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